Sunday, March 05, 2006

Slacker Swap

Yep, that's what I need-a slacker's swap, or maybe a thrifty swap. Hmmmm. I see all the pictures people post of the awesome swap gifts received and sent out and wow! I don't know how they have the time, resources, and energy, to make all the stuff they make. I don't know how you know if you are giving the swap partner stuff they'll like. I don't know how I would stop obsessing over "Is this enough stuff to send? Is it too much stuff? Will they raise an eyebrow and make a grimace when pulling out their goodies?" Will the giftee be like, "Why in the world did she send this? What IS this? Boy, she really is cheap." Will there be rounds of laughter and then phone calls to their friends saying, "Can you believe what I got? A set of plastic forks and a Hanes t-shirt with my name written on it with a Sharpie? and what's THAT? Two pieces of cut up brown felt and a half-eaten Snicker's Bar? What the?"

Ya see, I am a stress over everything, worry wort, panic attack having nutcase. Have you picked up on that yet? Me at Christmas time, not a pretty picture. However, getting presents in the mail seems like fun. Who doesn't like getting presents? I'm ready to go put tacks on the road in front of my house so the UPS man HAS to stop at more door. "OH geez. All of your tires are flat? Right at my front door. Pity. Well, let me take some of these packages off your hands."

Presents are good. I like buying presents for people too, especially if it's something I know they'll like.

I need a worry free, slackers, thrifty swap. Where can I find one of those? Oh, yes..and then you have to go to the Post Office. No, please no...not that. OK, so I need a post office free, worry free, slackers, thrifty swap. OH, I've got: Basically, YOU imaaaagine all the perfect, great, & glorious gifts I handcrafted & bought for you. Isn't it great? You'll get everything you wanted. I'll do the same. This really is perfect. Enjoy.


Anonymous Dee said...

I am *so* in on this one, hehe. I often want to participate in swaps but feel my crafting is nowhere near the level of the other involved.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Katurah said...

Hahaha. You are killing me. I think I broke something. I always read those flashy "look I made matching pins to go in the handcrafted pincushion" blogs, simultaneously seething with jealously and feeling faint with overwhelming uncraftiness. So I am totally in. Oh yeah, baby...

2:19 PM  

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