Thursday, March 02, 2006

some bunny.

Here is the extent of this week's crafting-a finger puppet bunny. Wow, huh? Aren't you so very impressed. Oh-ing and Ah-ing over the detail and craftswomanship. Stop drooling everyone. Hold your applause.
I drew a little pattern for the wittle bunny and everything. "Did you really need a pattern? It is basically a rectangle with some ears." Yes. yes, I did. Everytime I try to wing-it the result is not pretty.

My dear, sweet toddler is not being cooperative in my creative endeavors. I sit at my sewing machine and instantly, nothing but me and the machine are of interest. Little fingers are pulling out my threads, spinning my spool, and climbing on me. Ugh.

I may have to change the name of this blog to:
Colorfool WISHES she could Create
Colorfool Creates WHAT?
I did originally want the blog title to be just plain and simple, Colorfool, but it was already taken, now I have that stinkin', lurking word creates always taunting me. Such pressure. I may seriously have to change it. I keep trying to be crafty and Keely keeps changing my plans.

This whole attachment parenting thing is working me over and it hasn't even been 3 years yet. It gets easier right? Someone? Anyone?


Blogger capello said...

Oh sure, it gets easier. That is, if you drink more alcohol.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Bessilu said...

You're too funny. Try adding a second kid to the mix! Seriously, I empathize, I have so many plans to "create" things but mostly I daydream because I'm too busy during the day and too tired at night.....

7:43 PM  
Blogger colorfool said...

capello:Alcohol. right. I'll make
a note...where is that grocery list?

Bessilu: adding a second kid? sob, sob....I just don't think I can do that yet.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Ha ha - I like the new names for your blog. So many projects, so little naps. And soon they will stop. I'm with you. How do peole with more kids do it?

4:39 PM  

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