Friday, February 24, 2006

Thrifty Finds Friday

It is Friday and I did not order the little sink and stove yet. I was giving the Thrift stores one last shot today. We did not find any. BUT we did get this groovy Plan play house. It is in pretty good shape. It has some wallpaper ugliness happening but we can fix that up. It was $14. which is way more than I usually spend on one thing, but this house was too nifty. It has nice big opening for clumsy, chubby hands. So far all of Keelys' stuffed animals have explored it and approved.


Blogger Kristy said...

What a shame you don't live in the UK! There is a lovely one here Subtle pink,lemon and white but it is pricey!

5:54 PM  
Blogger Kristy said...

I meant toy sink and stove if you wondered!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Dee said...

What an adorable find!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Bessilu said...

I think our girls should play together! Santa brought that exact dollhouse for Lucia this Christmas. Excellent thrift find!

9:24 PM  
Blogger colorfool said...

Kristy: I guess I could always move. 8-) Thanks for reference to a pretty set. I'm really going to order that red set...soon. really I am...

Dee: Thank you. I might like it more than my daughter though.

Bessilu: Yes! They'd have a blast and two of everything--so no fighting! 8-)

11:23 AM  
Anonymous haley said...

What a great find! Do you have any tips for those of us that are just getting started with thrifting (how to find good stores, how often to visit, how to find out when new stuff comes in, etc)? It seems like you're a pro at this and I'd love to hear your advice, and/or your story about how you got started!

2:19 PM  
Blogger colorfool said...

Haley: Thanks so much. What a nice comment. I'll gather my thoughts and perhaps on Monday I'll post about thrifting, k? 8-) I try to keep computer time to a minimum on the weekends.

2:49 PM  

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