Saturday, April 01, 2006

Moving Day

Please join me at my new blogging home. If you are one of the folks who have been kind enough to link to my little blog during the past few months, here's the new address for updating links:

(Subtle, eh?)
Thanks! See ya' on the flip side, G.

the end and the beginning

Dear John (Blogger),

I'm leaving you.
It not you, it's me. No wait, actually it is you.
I know you tried to offer me all that you could and it just wasn't enough for me. I need more room and more options. I feel like you are limiting me. I've found someone else. His name is Wordpress. I think we might be a better match. I'm moving in with him today. I've already moved out all of my things. Thanks for the good times blogger. I wish you the best. Now, I'm outta here.

P.S. You can keep the old posts, I've made copies. Oh yes and I'm taking all of our joint bloggie friends ( i hope). You all are coming with me right?

*nice blogger. real nice, last post and you're still turning my pictures vertical.

keely's world

I look at Keely's dollhouse while drinking coffee this morning and thought, "Geez, that looks like a crime scene." Then it made me laugh. Dollhouse as mini crime scene. Not that crime scenes are funny, but that my weird head thought of a dollhouse like that...well, now I just sound strange. House was a mess, chairs all over, people..well. ....Anywho.
You'll be happy to know that the babies were safely asleep in their bedroom. It was all of the adults and animals that were in some painful positions. Ya think she's trying to send us a message?
Yesterday while Keely was playing with her animals I overheard this.
"I'm a chicken. Bawk! Hey, wait. She stared at the chicken a few times and then said," I'm a chicken wearing a red bra! That's weird."
Now everytime I look at the bird I can't think of anything else except her red bra.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Inter-facing my fears

So, after I finished up my two drawstring bags I was inspired to figure out how to do a messenger style bag. I liked the one above from one of the Kitty-Craft books and especially this one from Molly Chicken. I was trying to figure out how you box-out the bottom, put them inside out, sew the lining up and still get the flap. So, last night I got two small pieces of fabric and a stapler and practiced until I got this. Grrr.....see next post. I curse you Blogger.


Isn't it great? That's right, I stapled my prototype. Anyway, this morning I decided to try out the life size version. It took about 2 hours and I got this....

It works but it's got a few problems. It is toooooo wide. The flap is too big and it's all together too floppy. It needs a few tweeks and I hate to admit it but ....interfacing. I don't know how to do interfacing. Here's one more photo for you to laugh at.
Could it BE any wider?
I based the width on Keely's big paperback books. It was going to be for her. But without interfacing, the sides just sort flop out and it is too long. Oh dear.
Alright, so what is the deal with interfacing? Do you cut it the same size as your outer fabric and iron it on and then continue on as normal? or Do you cut it a bit smaller, leaving room for seam allowance and so you don't actually sew on the interfacing? I don't get it.
Anyone willing to give me the scoop here? I hope to try a smaller, non floppy bag this weekend. Hey! Are you still laughing at the freakish photo above? stop. Seriously.
I WAS so proud of myself for figuring it out. Ah well.

Thrifty Finds Friday

Oh you blogger! I'll get you! Stop turning my pictures vertical! I can't make it stop. Well, I had to limit myself this week after last Friday's thrifting pile of mayhem. This week, I got this pretty flower fabric and this groovy big floor pillow turtle. He is like 3 feet wide. I like this guy.

Fabric in the mail

Dear Beki sent me some fabric to play with. Isn't she so sweet? I love getting good mail.
Thank you so much. I will enjoy using it ! Pretty flowers, huh? ;-)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

pretty hair


I've been ready for spring cleaning for a few weeks now, but it has been too cold. In order for good cleaning, the weather must be warm enough to have doors and windows open. So, I've settled on doing organization until the warm stuff comes. I love organizing things. They often don't stay organized, but that is ok because that means I get to organize it again!
Cheap thrills. Anyway, you know those baby fruit plastic containers (shown above)? I love these things. They're small, we have LOTS of them and they have lids. Oh the joy. I use them everywhere to organize everything-scrapbooking stuff, office supplies, hardware. I love them so much I've considering stacking them up, tying them with ribbon and giving them as gifts -thinking someone else would give a hoot about something as cheap and silly as me. I stopped myself from doing this, just so you know.


They are everywhere. Here is the kitchen junk drawer. I'm reorganizing this baby tomorrow. It's looking a bit untidy. I think Keely may have inherited my organizing gene.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


We had a Maisy afternoon today. Busted out all the books and read them with the Maisy doll. These are cute books. I just found out yesterday that there are movies too. Anyone seen them? I've heard they are cute, sweet, and nice. We like Maisy. There is a neat Maisy website. You can read/look at some of the books online. Keely likes to do that with us. There are also printable coloring pages. A few weeks ago I was going to try and use the coloring pages to draw up some patterns for softies to go along with her book-a Charlie and a Tallulah would be nice.
That's about as far as I got with that.
I don't think I have the knack for softies. It was a nice thought though.

doodle critters

Yesterday, Keely and I were having drawing time together. I got out the big 'ole box of crayons and two clean sheets of white paper and we drew. I turned on some nice music and the sun was shining in our french doors. She was doodling and then told me that I needed to draw a birdie. So I did. She continued to boss me around and told me to draw all of the above animals. She even named two of them. I'm quite fond of my dog and cat here. They are drawn with chunky stubs of crayons and on a bumpy wood table so obviously they aren't the greatest in quality but hey! Now, what to do with my new critters. More cards I suppose.

The Drawstring Bag

Finally- I figured out how to make a drawstring bag all by my lonesome. It occured to me in the middle of the night a few days ago how to sew up the top. It is almost right. The second one is for Keely, so I didn't put any button embellishments on it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

fabric fun

This is one of the other "new" fabrics I said I had bought, the Alexander Henry one. I was going to make bean bags out of it, but I couldn't cut it up. Sooooo, I just stretched it over a canvas and put it over Keely's little kitchen table. It's provided much entertainment for us. Sometimes we pick out who we think certain ones look like....this one is grandma, this one is mommy...etc. And the latest fun started by Keely, is picking one of the characters and then posing like they are. It's quite funny. Then we pick another person and we have to make their funny pose. Four hours later...we are still posing. kidding.
Some of their positions are impossible to duplicate since we have bones in our limbs and are not made of rubber. What entertainment we have. This is what you do with no cable, people.

more buttons

Look at all the buttons! This is the second week I've found button/sewing things while thrifting. Weird. Anyway this is A LOT of buttons. This basket is like 4 inches deep and it's full! Those beaded aqua buttons in the front are funky and then the La Mode white card on the right side, those are Holly Hobbie. I used to LOVE my Holly Hobbie doll so I almost cried when I saw those. There are a lot of odd looking buttons and some really old ones. There are some really nifty shiny, stainless steel ones too. Neat. They had about 6 more bags like this but they weren't as cheap as I'd like so I didn't clear them out. I'm pleased with this find.

I couldn't resist....

We had to get out of the house for a short bit, so we ran up to our close thrift store. They had 3 doll cradles. ACK! Three! I thought of all of you ladies and your girls. They were all very nice. 2 of them were way cuter than the one I got last week. Soooo cute and then they had 2 of these high chairs. This one was $3. I could not resist it. The old one Keely already has doesn't have the little lift-up tray. This one does and she is quite amused with it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Keely as Goldilocks

Awhile ago I found this magnetic fairy tale book that is just too cool. It has about 5 fairy tales in in it. On one page is the story on the other is a magnetic picture. Then it has all these magnets of the characters for each story, so your little one can act out the story while you read it. So cute. Keely has been found of Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks since we got it. Then, Capello sent her a little Goldilocks book this weekend and today Keely says, "Let's play 3 bears mommy." Huh? What does that mean? She said, "We have to find 3 bears and a Goldilocks so we can play." Ah-ha. The two year old who wants to act out storylines. right.
So, I found 3 bears, and 3 chairs and 3 beds and she got 3 bowls for porridge and then she ran back for their spoons. She decided she would be Goldilocks. I loosely read the story and she "acted" it out. Watch as the exciting story unfolds before you very eyes.

First the bears are trying to eat their porridge. Having no moveable limbs made this quite a feat, so dear Keely was kind enough to help them out. It was too hot, so they all went out for a walk in the woods (dining room, kitchen... whatever). Then, no longer Keely, "Goldilocks" seeing the bears have left runs in their house and tries out all the chairs.

This girl has no fear. The bears are still RIGHT there and she is already slurping up all the porridge. Fearless and shameless. Then she goes to try out all of their beds. She was liking Poppa Bear's.

Momma Bear's was nice too, no interest in Baby Bear's at all. Instead, she insisted that all the Bears come back and go to sleep in their own beds and she would cuddle with Poppa Bear. She needed to "make him feel better because she ate all his porridge."
There you have it ladies the greatest re-inactment of Goldilocks ever. So dramatic. Were you on the edge of your seat? She'll be performing in the Blue Room all this week.

Weekend Update, definately NOT with Tina Fey

This photo about says how I'm feeling about toddlerhood after the past 3 days. AH! See the slightly crazed look in the eyes? The crazy unwashed hair-do? The ratty pajama tee still on. Yep, that's right. Nutty, whack-a-doo, punk monkey, toddler days.
I think the hubby is feeling the same. He also worked on my new wordpress blog. He is trying to customize it and move my archives. It is taking awhile.
Let's see.
I was trying to zone out for a bit and I started clicking NEXT BLOG and came across this weird little test. What kind of American English Do You Speak? I took it. It has like 15? questions and then tells you the breakdown of your language. I'm 50% normal Am. English and 25% Dixie etc. Dixie? really. My hubby was 40% normal and 35% Yankee. If you want a no brainer stupid thing to do...go take it. If you are not American it could be amusing to see what it tells you.

On the music front, everytime we hear that Diet Coke commercial-you know the one with the chipper looking blonde girl on roller skates? She's drinking a coke and magic bubbles are floating all over and the song, "Starry Eyed Surprise"by Oakenfold plays? Well, we got that song downloaded and the husband plays it over and over and now the Keely wants to hear it over and over. Then, a week or so ago that Old Navy, stripes-all-around, commercial came on and then Friday Keely's says, "Want to hear Go Daddy-o". We knew what she was talking about so we downloaded that for her cd too. You can find it via here if you have any interest. So, all weekend we heard those two songs over and over and over. Oh help me. They are both happy, dancy songs...but shessh.

Bag #3

Here's my big weekend project: a two-toned bag. That's 3 bags in one week!!!! Whoa.
I told you I do not have any coordinating fabrics so this is the best I could do. It kinda matches. I mean, no one is going to be staring at my bag especially since I don't go anywhere. Well..except you...don't stare, k? 8-) I had some issues with the two-toned thing. Measuring is not a skill of mine. Trying to make them all line up and be even. Oi! The lining is significantly smaller than the inside, but oh well. Looks like a bag to me. Next attempt at a bag will involve interfacing I guess. I have fear.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

An arrival

My slacker swap package arrived Saturday and what a good thing it was. The terrible two's are back in full swing. Grrr. So, this goodie box from Capello came at a perfect time. The pink packages tied in lovely girly ribbon made me smile. Inside was: lovely fabric for me to play with, a little vase and pretty tea cup, a button jar 8-), chocolates (yum), and for Keely: a cute book, Hello Kitty erasers, and glitter bracelets which are mysteriously missing from this photo. Thank you Capello! I don't think either of us truly stuck to the "SLACKER" title. Ah well.