Saturday, April 01, 2006

the end and the beginning

Dear John (Blogger),

I'm leaving you.
It not you, it's me. No wait, actually it is you.
I know you tried to offer me all that you could and it just wasn't enough for me. I need more room and more options. I feel like you are limiting me. I've found someone else. His name is Wordpress. I think we might be a better match. I'm moving in with him today. I've already moved out all of my things. Thanks for the good times blogger. I wish you the best. Now, I'm outta here.

P.S. You can keep the old posts, I've made copies. Oh yes and I'm taking all of our joint bloggie friends ( i hope). You all are coming with me right?

*nice blogger. real nice, last post and you're still turning my pictures vertical.