Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's all about the YUbZ

There is this nifty little artsy shop not too far from where we live and about 1 1/2 years ago we were in there browsing and they had this enormous basket of printers' blocks. All shapes and sizes and styles and mostly alphabet ones. Stupid me looked briefly and we left. Every once in awhile after that trip, I would come up with a use for them and think, "Man, I really should of bought some." You may be thinking then why didn't go back to the store, right? Well, honestly.... because we are freaks. We hardly go anywhere- especially since we had Keely. Trips to places with her are always way too stressful to be worth it so we just don't go out much. Anywho. Last week we did go back to that store because we were in the area and they had a very small basket of them left. Happy Dance. I went digging through it and the above photo shows the only letters that were left. UbZY. All the other blocks just had commas and dashes. really useful. Well, they were only .50 so I bought the four un-useful and un-popular letters. I had b-U-Z-Y (busy?) spelled out on our bookshelf. Hubby changed it to YUbZ. Now YUbZ needs a definiton. How does one use this word? Possible uses:
"What's Yubz man?"
"You want some ice cream?" "Yubz."

Just something we all need to think about. This is important stuff here. Seriously. The true meaning and nature of yubz.

O.k. so you don't know me and don't know how sarcastic I am and you can't hear the tone of my voice while saying the above or see my expression and I have no idea who YOU are....anyway-just in case: This was not at all a serious post. yubz


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I just found your blog and love that you find so many things at thrift stores! I'm especially wondering about the wonderful fabrics you find-- do the thrift stores you go to have fabric sections???

10:32 AM  
Blogger colorfool said...

Well, one of the thrift stores I go to does have a small fabric section. The other stores I buy old sheets, curtains, anything with patterns I like. 8-)

10:38 AM  
Anonymous cheryl said...

LOL - My fist thought for YUBZ was

why you busy? Something my daughter would ask when I say I am too busy to play "my little pony" for the thousandth time. LOL.

7:59 PM  

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