Friday, February 17, 2006

Paint Freakazoids

So, our freaky green hallway was liked by several folks. That's always nice. I mentioned on Flickr that it's called Moss Point Green by Olympic. We paint way more than is normal or sane. When we renovated our home we repainted EVERY single surface and then within 6 months we started painting rooms again. Some rooms have been painted 3 times. We've only been in our house 5 yrs. We like controlled, self-inflicted change and cheap ones that get quick results. We even painted most of our apt. that we rented before we got a house. Of course, when you move out of the rental apt. you have to repaint all the walls white. THAT was no fun at all.

Our little shed is almost half way filled with paint cans. It is a disaster. We made this joke that what we need is a paint cellar, like a wine cellar. We don't drink alcohol really, but boy do we paint! This would be a very useful additon to our abode.
note: Please use a snotty accent of your choice while reading the following. Thank you.

house guest: "Say, that is a lovely wall color."
me: "Oh, you like it? It is a vintage 2001 Benjamin Moore I believe. What a mah-velous year it was for Crimson October. A cool summer and a moist fall made for the perfect conditions. Let me run down to the cellar and see if we have any left."

funny? Oh, come on. Just a little funny? A paint cellar would be a great thing. Then, we could use our shed for yard things. What a novel idea. I can't go to a place that sells paint and not grab stacks of paint chips. The colors are so organized and pretty to look at. I have a drawer filled with them. When there are chips taped up on a wall you know painting will soon take place.


Blogger capello said...

I have a paint cellar. No, seriously. The previous owner stored all the leftover paint in a closet in the basement. Unfortunately, nothing is labeled. As we've painted, we've just thrown the cans in too.

So I'm started a paint notebook with samples, and I'm going to clean out the closet soon -- so everything will be fresh, new and labled. Argh. I make too many projects for myself.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Meegan Blue said...

Oh, I am completely there with you! It seems to run in my family, which is a good thing when you need seme serious color consulting. The green of your hallway is fantastic, by the way!

4:17 PM  

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