Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In quest of a kiddie sink & stove.

Alright, so I have been shopping around for awhile trying to find a toy sink/stove for the little one. I was hoping to find one at a thrift store, so the kiddo and I have been going to several thrift stores a week. This is a bit much for us both. I have not found one. There are plenty of junky, jumbo, plastic, monstrous ones, but no simple wood ones. This week I have turned my attention to scouring the internet. Let me first say, our child has very few new things. We have maybe bought 6 new toys for her. All her goodies come from thrift stores or as gifts. That being said when I do buy a new thing I look high and low for the lowest price and free shipping! I am a cheap skate and we are on a budget. Anyway, the hubby gets sick of me looking and looking for a cheap price and says, "OH just order one now!" but I don't.

This spastic colored sink/stove is by small world living at Creative Brains and it's pretty cute, but not cheap. I wanted a more subdued looking set but this one seems to be of a decent quality so I think this is one I am settled on. They have an older all red model which I prefer, but I've read it had few issues. This crazy looking one has some updated features like magnetic latches so the doors stay shut. Well, the hubby gave me a deadline of Wednesday to order a sink. It is Wed. It is not ordered yet. Hmmmmm. How will this exciting, and oh so suspenseful story end? Stay tuned.


Blogger capello said...

Sounds like you'd better make up your mind soon, missy!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Dee said...

I bought the red one for my kids' big Christmas gift in 2004. The bottom cabinets are extremely difficult to open, even for me! The sink also broke, but that could be b/c the children repeatedly threw it around and stepped on it, heh.

5:02 PM  
Blogger colorfool said...

oh no Dee. Now, I'll never order the dang thing. I wonder if the "new" magnetic doors fix this problem? sigh.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Bessilu said...

I have the red one too (and the green refrigerator) and I love them! They look brand new (Xmas 2004) even though they are abused daily by both kids. I just put a little piece of tape over the magnet to decrease the strength and now it's perfect. And I'm cheap too, I price compared and then waited for a good coupon from Here is a pic:

10:51 AM  
Anonymous ryan said...

I notice in looking at your flickr page, bessilu, that my wife (colorfool) has commented that she is now going to buy the red sink. And so I wanted to say, THANK YOU! Finally! It's been three months, already! I was starting to think the next sink we bought for the little one would need to be installed in her dorm room. Geez. ;)

3:45 PM  

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