Saturday, February 25, 2006

4 Things...

Alright, I'll give this meme a go. Hasn't everyone in blogging world done this one by now?

(Ready for a sing-along?..."Getting to knooooow you, Getting to know all about you..."

4 jobs you've had:
1. waitress
2. travel agent (VERY briefly)
3. secretarial assistant
4. first grade teacher

4 places you've lived: 8-)
1. with my parents-ha ha
2. In a scary underground apt. next door to a lunatic. THAT was fun. Thanks for that, husband.
3. In one quarter of a giant 1910 house
4. In my, oh sorry OUR, house (which used to be MY grandparents')

4 albums you can't hear enough: (I have about 50 more to add to the list)
1. Sade (all albums)
2. Dead Can Dance (almost all of the albums)
3. Norah Jones (aka snorah jones...boring but good)
4. Any combo of Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald

4 Favorite Books: recent ones
1. Everything's Illuminated
2. Wicked
3. Life of Pi
4. Happy Birthday Maisy -What? That mouse is cute!

4 movies you could watch over and over:
1. The Wizard of Oz- from the beginning to meeting the Cowardly Lion only.
2. Elizabeth
3. Amelie
4. Chocolat

4 TV shows you like to watch:
1. Lost- it would be nice if they'd play more than 2 new episodes in a row without 5 weeks of waiting for the next one. grrr
2. Gilmore Girls
3. House
4. ummm? That's it. OH! If we had cable-The Daily Show.

4 places you've been on vacation:
1. Italy
2. Czech Republic
3. France
4. Costa Rica

4 websites you visit daily: This changes all the time.
1. Bloglines (so all of my daily blogs)
2. Amazon, lately
3. Whip Up
4. FlickR

4 favorite foods:
1. dark chocolate
2. pizza (my husband's homemade ones)
3. BIG salads
4. ice cream

4 places you'd rather be right now.
1. Right where I am is just fine, but to play along....
2. Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
3. Paris, France- in the evening
4. In several feet of standing snow with more falling down on me, at night.


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