Friday, March 03, 2006


I am forever looking for Playmobile stuff, but apparently people don't get rid of that good stuff! Don't they know I want it? So, finding this box of goodies was a rarity. Second picture is of the little Playmobile baby room. The little puppies and kitties are sooooo freakin' cute! The first picture of the rest of the pieces that are still drying from the sanitation process. uh hum. oh, yeah and because I don't know how the fit together yet! Cute though, right? They are too small for Keely to play with though. Aww, too bad. Mommy will have to put them to use.

This adorable, loveable, child of mine was such a royal pain at the store today. UGH! Whiney, moany, "what to hold it", "don't like it", "mommy hold you" saying little monkey!
"Love, would you kindly.....hush! before your mommy goes balistic? Thanks that'd be swell."


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