Monday, March 13, 2006


Thank you ALL for sharing your thoughts about being crafty with the little ones. I really appreciate each and every one of you taking the time out of your day to visit with me and write your comments and encouragements. It is always helpful to know others feel similarly to you and battle the same things and what you all do to make crafty time. Thank you. Some days you all are the only adults I communicate with ALL day until the hubby comes home. A bit of my problem is comparing myself and my situation to other people I see that seem to have no problem creating grand masterpieces while having 5 children at home that they are homeschooling and then making gourmet dinners to boot! Comparing yourself to others is ALWAYS a bad idea.
That being said.
I adore my daughter. I am not trying to change the way I parent her. I have made many hard decisions in regards to the way we are raising her. I won't get into all that right now though. I think almost all of our decisions have been the right ones. This child is truly amazing.
She is only 2 so I don't really expect her to go play by herself alone for an hour. An somedays when I'm feeling crafty, she is just in a whiney, toddler mood. Who can listen to that and feel creative? Not me. I know that she will be grown up too fast and I will miss her always wanting to be with me and on me. I know that being crafty and learning to sew are not my top priority. In the big picture, it really isn't important at all. Keely is important and always will be. I know in a few years I will have lots of time to pursue crafting. That is why I really am going to just focus on simple, quick crafts for awhile. Just so I can have a creative outlet but keep my focus on being Keely's mommy. Which is my most important and rewarding job. 8-)

Seriously ya'll (<--southern baby) if you see some nifty crafts around the web-share it! Is there someway to make a seperate little section we could add to this blog named :Our quick crafting to remain sane ideas? Maybe a flickr kind of pool? We would have to reference the source I guess. Anyone have any ideas here? So, whenever you wanna be crafty but the kiddos are not cooperating you could look at the quick ideas and pick one. That'd be groovy. I'm still thinking...


Anonymous Amy said...

Drawstring bags look so simple and yet... They have caused me stress too. I think they can be simple with great instructions and I haven't found any out there yet so I think I am going to post a tutorial. Stay tuned.

3:15 PM  
Blogger colorfool said...

I printed several tutorials and none of them helped me. I will stay tuned. I wanted to make them as gift packaging. A little bag with a drawstring at the top made in matching material to something I crafted.8-) I will stay tuned.

9:16 AM  
Blogger jojo* said...

Laughing at your first paragraph. How DO these people do it? Kudos to them, but I for sure am no homeschooling gourmet...

Sign me up! I'll let you know of any cute quickie crafts I come across, if you let me know.:) Here's one to start with: made some cute little ribbon hairclips.

2:05 AM  

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