Thursday, March 09, 2006

Japan has invaded my brain

Alright, nearly every crafter I come across has a mild obsession for Japanese crafting books. I wasn't catching on. I kept having images of Japanese anime type cartoony things and Pokemon-esque visions. That was until yesterday.

Can one die from cuteness? I think it might be possible. I went looking around at an online Japanese bookstore and Oh My freakin' cuteness! I just can't stand it. Adorable little bags with appliqued felt animals and softies made from vintage towels!
Wait. That sounds really corny now that I wrote it, but seriously that is some cute stuff. I'm ready to order some books. I was laying awake last night thinking about this stuff. Nothing abnormal about that. Uh-hum. I can't even pay domestic shipping, but I am seriously considering forking it over for some overseas shipping now.
Do I really wanna get more crafting ideas to stare me in the face? How long can my "I wanna make this" list get? More projects I won't have the skill or time to complete? Most of the cutesy-tootsy stuff I liked would definately be for children. I'm not gonna applique a felt cat coming out of my pants pocket, you can be sure. However, my daughter would be in high-school before I ever completed one of these projects . "Ohmigod mom! I am SO not carrying that bag to school! Get that little hippo in a pond tote away from me." Picture it: She's trying to get out the door to go to school. I'm on my knees crawling after her slipping the bag handles over her arms. " She's doing a little arms in the air hissy dance to get it off. "MOM STOP! You are such a freak!" "But, bah-beeee I've been working on that bag for 12 years! Please do this for mommy. " She finally escapes out the door, unknowing that there is little ocean themed patchwork bookcovers (with matching felt fishy bookmarks, of course) on ALL of her notebooks. Imagine the embarrassment.
Insert mommy's maniacal laugh. Ra ha. Raha ha ha ha ha!


Blogger beki said...

I haven't purchased any Japanese craft books yet, but they sure are tempting. The cuteness really is overwhelming.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous ryan said...

Ah. The future looks sweet, indeed. Nice to see you're already plotting our revenge for 2 1/2 years of predominantly sleepless nights. ;)

4:09 PM  

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