Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dog Bath

Could he look any sadder? I just don't think so. The poor boy had to get a bath today. Keely loves when he gets a bath. We washed him, blow-dried him, and brushed him. She said, "There puppy, now you aren't a stinky boy anymore. You smell just like flowers!" Then she put his blanket in the sun for him to lay on. Aw.

Also along the lines of cuteness: This morning she made up a song that went like this: " I just loooooooove you mommy. You are the best everest moooomy in the whole wide woooorld." Imagine her arms spread out and her chin going up and down as she carried out the last word in a trill/run (Thankyou for the singing lingo American Idol.) Then, she sang one for daddy too. Gotta love that kind of goodness huh? That sweetness just makes me all teary-eyed.


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