Thursday, March 09, 2006

Corners: Another bathroom

Unlike the other bathroom, which was all pinked-out, this one was turquoise! We almost gutted this bathroom until we reached the eight feet of mortar under the tiles. We could not get it all out even with a sledge hammer. So, we covered the then cement looking wall with wainscotting! First we painted the top 1/3 of the walls a sage green, but last summer we changed it to this light blue/green.
The medicine cabinet is original to the old house. I love it. It looks like a funky picture frame. It was originally cream colored with olive details. My husband and his father were putting in some new wiring when we were renovating and they had to take out the medicine cabinet. When they removed it all these old razor blades were behind it in the wall. Apparently, back in the day, there was little slit in the back of medicine cabinets for you to clip off your old razor blades without slicing your fingers off. Nifty and news to me! Since this was originally my grandparent's house, all of my grandfather's blades were there in the wall. I saved a little baggie of them.


Blogger beki said...

Beautiful bathroom! We have a similar color in our master bath. That is such a neat story about the razor blades. I suppose renovating an old house is like being on a treasure hunt.

2:18 PM  
Blogger capello said...

Pretty bathroom! And I love the medicine cabinet too.

And the razor blades always crack me up. I remember asking my grandpa where they went, and he said a razor-blade-eating fairy lived in the wall. And the thought of such a fairy's teeth always scared me.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous tasha said...

OMG!!!! we bought my grandparents house, too! and husband is renovating the master bathroom as we speak. your post got me curious so i just took a look. i think i see what you are talking about. will take a picture after this and post...could you check it out and tell me if that's it? our's looks like it's caulked up. how neat...i'm imagining what's behind there now.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Meegan Blue said...

ACK!!! I just now got around to reading this post. In our upstairs bathroom (formerly my grandparents, you'll remember) there is a medicine cabinet with an "insert razor blades here" slot in the back. It's always perplexed hilarious that it's indeed quite common! I guess when we renovate we'll find a treasure trove of my grandpa's used blades. Kinda' yuck and sweet at the same time.

10:34 PM  

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