Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Motherload

I had all the suppies to make marble magnets for awhile. I didn't have very much though. We went to the craft store this weekend and I thought I hit the motherload. I found these two jumbo bags of clear marbles on sale. I bought two giant bags. I was thinking 1,000 magnets on the way. I got home and started punching out little circle pictures. The next day I got out the clear marbles and they were irredescent/pearly and you couldn't see the little picture underneath them. The bag says CLEAR! I doubled checked when I bought them. Not funny. My dear husband, to either save my sanity or to get out of the house, kindly offered to drive 2 cities away to a different store and find the truly clear ones. Isn't he sweet? He found them and bought all the store had. ALL of them. That's my guy.
Now, what to do with a gerbillion irredescent marbles.


Blogger capello said...

If he took Keely with him, he could be up for the Husband of the Year Award (not to say he isn't already).

2:23 PM  

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