Thursday, March 16, 2006

Family Music Cycle

The hubby and I have a lot of music. Some on CD's and a lot on our iPod. We have all kinds of music: world, electronica, r&b, new age, top 40's, alternative, oldies, classical, jazz. We have our own mix radio station. However, after we get something new, we listen to that puppy over and over until we all are walking around singing it all day. Then, we stop listening to music for awhile. We then we realize we haven't listened to anything and go "Ah ha! It must be time for new music." Then we go searching for something new. We get it-download it, buy it, whatever. Then the cycle starts ALL over again. We are always dancing around the house. Keely usually puts on some crazy get-up, which is necessary for good dancing you know.

Our latest additions are:
I am robot and proud. This is happy, beepy, mellow, easy electronica music. Good be-bop around the house background tunes. You can't listen to samples on Amazon, but the musician has a funky site that you get a feel for what kind of music it is. Check it out here.
Madeleine Peyroux-Careless Love : This is Jazzy, Frenchy, early summer nights sounding music ( itunes carries this one).


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