Monday, February 13, 2006

Attempted project

So, I was trying to think up something I could sew for some more practice that would be slightly more functional than a bean bag, but only have simple straight lines. A book cover was what popped into my head. I cut up an old sheet to practice with. I didn't measure, pin, or iron anything. I just laid the notebook down and traced it and then sewed all over the place. Amazingly, it fit on the book. It is sloppy, but it worked. I decided I'd try the REAL one today. Measuring and ironing seams was done. I went happily sewing my straight lines and almost as I was done the top spool of thread ran out and my seam went all wonky. GRRRR. I got a new spool and followed all the stinkin' manuals instructions to get it re-threaded, but it won't work. It has no tension and the stitches look freaky and they are so loose. I tried and tried to rethread, but I had to stop when the little child got impatient with me. Maybe tonight this will be solved.


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