Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Finds

This weeks' exciting adventure in thrifting got us a nice pile of fabrics and this spelling book from 1964 whose pictures I really like. I might use some of the pictures in card making, if I can bring myself to cutting them out. Speaking of card making- I make a lot of cards and have for awhile. Excluding Christmas cards I can't remember the last time I bought a store card. However, I only send out maybe 10 cards a year for birthdays and whatnot for family. I really don't know that many people so what to do with all the cards I make? And why do I make so many cards? Who can say. Now that I have a stash of fabric and can really only sew straight lines I see MANY fabric cards being made. Be prepared family.

Speech: I'd like to thank my few comment leavers. I really like reading what you have to say AND thank you for taking pity on my comment-less blog. My blog and I are feeling much better now. Also, thanks for the site meter info. I'll look into it.


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