Thursday, February 09, 2006

Corners of our home

When we first moved in and when we finally got our new cabinets up, we had four of everything in them. I often look at them now and think, "Wow! How did I get so many dishes?" There isn't much more room in there. Note to self: must find more storage. Our cabinets that are not glass fronted are NOT this neat. I just like to look at the stacks of white dishes. Not many of them match. I've collected them mostly at thrift stores and family has given some to us as gifts. The second photo shows that we are not purest, dull, all Whitey Mcwhiterson. At least, I think it shows that. The funky top blue and green saucers are two of my very favorite colored dishes.
Today is a grey day, so this is all I could take half-way decent pictures of for the Thursday post. Perhaps tomorrow there will be more sun, but for today we have dishes.


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